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4 décembre 2011 7 04 /12 /décembre /2011 14:24

The repression against the exiles hardened in Serbia. The "Jungle" of Subotica, near the Hungarian border, was destroyed by police and arrested 150 people. Following protests from residents, the center of asylum seekers in Banja Koviljaca must be closed, and police action will be taken against these exiles in the town. In other localities where the center could be located, oppositions occur.

Here is the translation by Dragan Grcic, Migreurop, an article published in Politika, the Serbian newspaper of reference, following the visit to Banja Koviljaca the Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, in charge of asylum seekers:

"Ljajić: We deport bogus asylum seekers" (Politika)

Yesterday, a bus went to Bogovađa immigrants in the center for asylum seekers locally.

The Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, Rasim Ljajić announcement "Политика" a package of measures, both short and long term, is ready to solve the problem of asylum seekers in Banja Koviljaca. Ljajić spent several hours the day before yesterday with citizens of Banja Koviljaca, and quickly responded to their call.

- We must solve this problem together, coordinating several actions and measures we have already launched or that we will launch. By strengthening controls at the border with Macedonia, through which these people are, by strengthening the control of the residence permits of those present in Banja Koviljaca. For the control and punishment of illegal migrants, but also people who rent their homes in Banja Koviljaca. I learned information that there is a striking man with 15 houses and rents them to migrants. Are housed in a house 20-30 migrants who pay two to three euros a day is a real business. We punish those who transfer the migrants from the Macedonian border until Banja Koviljaca, and then to the Hungarian border. This is a classic crime - said Ljajić.

Apart from these short term measures that will yield results immediately, the Minister also announced two measures of system (sistemske mother), which could solve the problem long term.

- The first measure is the procedure that grants or denies the claim be made more functional and efficient, and that for a claim we have an individual approach to every applicant, this approach is rapid, remaining depth. This means that when we refuse a request wing, because the person did not come because of political threats to his country, we have a lot of things and rights, according to international standards, to deport these people in countries from which they originate. The second step is looking for an appropriate location for a new center for asylum
Asylum, which will take place in an uninhabited place, meeting specific conditions.
We are currently looking for this place and we are on track to find it. We have already made a selection of several sites - Ljajić said.

Yesterday, the Commissioner of the Republic for Refugees Vladimir Cucić, has also been very concerned about the solution to the problem of asylum seekers in Banja Koviljaca.

- We work every day to solve this problem, but we need more patience. Specifically, we sent a bus to Bogovađa asylum seekers in the center for asylum seekers.
However, we recognize that this is not enough, but we will continue on our path. For now, everything happens on time we set - the Commissioner said.

Vladimir Vulovic, the president of the citizens of Banja Koviljaca, announces that a contact was made with Ljajić before yesterday morning and he came a few hours later.

- A dozen of us, with the Minister, we walked through the city, and we have shown that much Ljajić foreign nationals, who number 2,000 in our city, n ' have generally not appropriate care, primarily medical and not gone through all the security measures. We told him to see terrible scenes where children walk barefoot, where groups of 50 people warming themselves around a fire-de-camp, where about thirty people living in one room - unveiled Vulovic.

The people of Koviljaca fear an epidemic of seasonal infection, but serious illness that they might pass, said the association president.

- We agreed that Banja Koviljaca is primarily a tourist attraction. (Note: the city includes bathroom type "spas.") Our main demand is that the center for asylum seekers is completely inappropriate. The agreement with the minister that we remain in contact, and he said with complete seriousness that he would come every day Banju Koviljaču, if necessary - according Vulovic.

Bojan Bilbija, Ljajić: Deportovaćemo lazne Azil, Politika, November 30, 2011. "

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