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22 septembre 2013 7 22 /09 /septembre /2013 22:18

On the one hand, a dynamic integration of the Western Balkan countries, enclaved today in the European Union, which led symbolically by the disappearance of the visa requirement for short stays their nationals coming in Schengen - as is often the situation is asymmetrical, as citizens of the European Union have not needed visas to travel to the Western Balkans.

On the other a dynamic of closing the European Union to certain populations, such as Roma and "bogus asylum seekers", the two categories being more or less assimilated to each other. What lifts an apparent paradox, while a third of the population of the Western Balkans hs left to try his luck abroad, the European Union makes a priority to prevent the entry into its territory of persons seeking protection.

The second dynamic seems to prevail, as the European Parliament has just approved the possibility of restoring the short-stay visas in cases of excessive influx of asylum seekers.

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