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23 avril 2013 2 23 /04 /avril /2013 22:34

Turkey has adopted a new law on asylum, in any ambiguity.


Turkey is a signatory to the Geneva Convention, but with a geographical limitation clause: only nationals of member countries of the Council of Europe may seek asylum. So few people in the end.

The treatment of other asylum is conducted by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). Asylum seekers and refugees are merely tolerated on Turkish territory, for refugees pending their resettlement in another country - each country has its own criteria and its own resettlement quotas. A procedure for asylum which commonly takes years and waiting for resettlement takes too many years, and may never happen for some nationalities.

Turkey maintains the geographical limitation clause. The change is purely cosmetic at first sight. UNHCR will continue to treat the vast majority of asylum seekers. The reception conditions will change, but is it in a positive way? Instead of being divided into satellites - cities where they are allowed to go out only with the permission of the administration, asylum seekers will be accommodated in the European Union-funded centers. For example, in Van, near the Iranian border, asylum seekers should be housed by themselves, but could find odd jobs to black. The reception center wich has been built is thirty kilometers from the city, in the mountains.

However, UNHCR welcomes

and the European Union, which cynically remarked that this will advance towards visa liberalisation, exchange currency commonly used.

Interest of the European Union: to return in Turkey themigrants who went there before joining the EU. As there is a law on asylum guaranteed by the UNHCR, there is no problem.

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