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22 mars 2011 2 22 /03 /mars /2011 13:53

Exiles began arriving in Patras in the early 90s, from the former communist countries of the Balkans (Albania, Bulgaria, Romania). They stayed and were progressively integrated into Greek society.


Then they are mostly Kurds, including a small portion remained, the others continue their journey to other countries in Europe. The Greeks in general sympathy for the Kurds, especially those in Turkey, partly because of their antipathy to the Turks. So they were pretty well accepted.


Then there are Afghans who have become predominant, and they have cornered the busyness associated with the passage.


In the city, the exiles were first concentrated in an old abandoned train station, where they were dislodged. The Afghans are now installed on leased land. This has been called "the Jungle of Patras, which was between 1000 and 2000 inhabitants. There was at this period-nearly as many exiles from other countries, spread across the city.


Information activities and language courses were organized in the jungle by groups supporting the exiles. Power relations between exiles have evolved over time, from a very centralized organization of smugglers carrying a strong power over the exiles, to a fragmentation into multiple groups exerting pressure much lower.


In late 2008, the exiles take part in two major demonstrations with their supporters. There are also acts of rebellion by them against the closure of the border, such as stoning of the port. End of 2008 as the government announced that it will destroy the jungle of Patras, which will be made July 12, 2009, while the number of Afghans were present down to 300 (beginning of the overland route through the Balkans, move to Igoumenitsa).


The destruction of the Jungle has some strong supporters demobilized, and also made their job more difficult, the exiles are scattered across the city on the full range of approaches and ways of approaching the port.


North Africans and Africans are proportionally more numerous and may conflict with the Afghans.


A new ferry terminal is being built outside the city, and will be served by the highway, which will change the situation of the exiles in the city.

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