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13 juin 2011 1 13 /06 /juin /2011 18:03

On 3 May, the "Jungle slopes" was attacked by militants of the extreme right beside a demonstration. The police then started to prevent the exiles from entering the city, and to watch the bins so that they can not find food. 450 people were arrested during the month of May, double the monthly average for 2010.

Friday, June 10, a raid was conducted at the "Jungle slopes" by riot police. Sixty people were arrested, including asylum seekers, and were scattered in detention centers across the country. The pursuit was continued in the hills during the day.

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interview of two exiles:
http://infomobile.w2eu.net/2011/06/01/% E2% 80% 9Cyou-always-wish-it% E2% 80% 99s-your-last-day-here-in-komunisia-% E2% 80% 9D-interview /
http://infomobile.w2eu.net/2011/06/01/% E2% 80% 9Cwe-Were-Persecuted-in-our-home-countries-now-we-are-here-Persecuted% E2% 80% 9D -interview /

On 10 May, a man was murdered in central Athens. The media broadcast the information telling this father was killed by Africans. Follows several days an outbreak of violence carried out by groups of extreme right in the neighborhoods inhabited by exiles. An exile from Bangladesh was stabbed on May 12 while dozens of people were beaten in the street and sometimes in homes. At the same time, many squatters in the area are attacked jointly by police and fascists groups, preventing support for the exiles to be organised.

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