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22 mars 2011 2 22 /03 /mars /2011 17:38

How to go out of Greece? It is difficult to cross in Igoumenitsa. Last night, a person has passed, and 6 were taken in the port and imprisoned. It's hard on the Greek side, with the systematic violence of the police and detention for an indefinite period, sometimes several months. Then the truck controls the Italian side, and some ports seem equipped with scanners. The exiles who are taken in trucks are soon returned to Greece (illegally?), where they are detained.


Some have tried to Patra, others think to go there, others are asking the question back up through the Balkans. It is far from smugglers speaks French government propaganda. We are dealing with people who came to Europe after a long and difficult journey often, and in Greece who are faced with no prospect of legal recognition, the economic crisis, racism and violence, government and police. Mafias are benefiting, but also sectors of the Greek economy using their work overused and underpaid.


Visit to North Africans who squat an abandoned building. An Algerian has spent several years in Europe, including Austria, is married to an Austrian, but that did not stop him being deported. It normally follows a psychiatric treatment. There is no possibility of psychiatric or psychological treatment for exiles in Igoumenitsa. Some show signs of significant psychological distress.

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