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10 juin 2013 1 10 /06 /juin /2013 19:41

Announced, then withdrawn, it seems that the adoption of a law about the worsening repression and racist acts is confirmed in Greece.

At the same time, in Thessaloniki, a teacher is accused of Islamic propaganda for making her students study the text of a song, Kemal, of Manos Hadjidakis and Nikos Gatsos. One parent of a child came to complain to the director, who told the teacher that "our only concern should be to teach children the love of the motherland and develop their national convictions." Another manifestation of the ideological stranglehold that the extreme right is trying to take in school.

You can listen the song:



And here an approximative translation of the lyrics :



Now listen the story of Kemal
a young prince from Anatolia
descendant of Sinbad the Sailor
who thought he could change the world.
But Allah projects are bitter
and obscure the minds of men.

In the East region, it was once
it was an empty purse, stagnant water
Mosul, Basra, in the old palm
The children of the desert crying bitterly.

Thus, a young man of royal blood
advanced to hear the lamentations that.
Bedouin stared with sad eyes
the name of Allah he promised
that times change.

When leaders heard
the daring young man
they walked with wolf teeth
and a lion's skin.
Tigris to the Euphrates,
and from earth to heaven
they chased the renegade
to capture him alive.

The hordes fall upon him,
like mad dogs
and took him to the Caliph,
to put a rope round his neck.
That morning he drank honey, black milk
before being abandoned to the gallows,
his last breath.

With two old camels
the red fleece
to the gates of paradise
where the prophet expected.
They will now hand in hand,
in a cloudy sky
but the star of Damascus
kept them company.

After a month, a year,
they see before them Allah
that since his high throne
told the madcap Sinbad:
"My dear defeated, the time does not change
the world is heading with fire and sword "

Goodnight Kemal,
this world will never change.
Good night ...


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