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29 septembre 2011 4 29 /09 /septembre /2011 19:45


Where there was a single state, Yugoslavia, in September there today which is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area, Slovenia, an acceding, Croatia, five others (Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and what is officially called "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" at the refusal of Greece that the sovereign state is called "Macedonia"), who probably intended but later, to join the EU.


The European Union negotiates with each of the five states the removal of Schengen short-stay visas and some other facilities against their participation in the European border control, both against the exiles through the Balkans to Central Europe, but also against their own people, and their populations in the first place roma. These States should discourage their nationals and to come to seek asylum in the European Union, and readmit those among them who would be found illegal. And detention centers are flourishing in this part of the Balkans, funded by the EU.


Result of border closures, a "jungle" appeared in Subotica, Serbia, near the Hungarian border, inhabited by some 150 exiled.


In the Hungarian press mentions, and the extreme right is already responding.




Summary of the above metioned article:


"City cemetery, Subotica (Szabadka)


Libyans, Tunesians, Algerians, Indians, Pakistanis, Afghans- in the cemetery and in the woods beside it.

According to a Libyan there are several hundreds of them but a Serbian gravedigger says he knows about more than a 1000 from the local cop.


Subotica is 10 kms from the Hung border- the men came though Iran-Turkey-Macedonia or across the Med and Albania by bus, train or with smugglers-all of them want to get into Hungary. Many of them came because of the revolutions in N-Africa or becasue of floods in Pakistan.


'I've tried to get to Hungary three times but the Hung border guards caught me'- says a Libyan. 'Hungary, big problem'. The guards catch groups of migrants everyday and throw them back to Serbia. 'No use asking for asylum, no use us saying there is war at home or that we are persecuted at home and we do not have ajob- they are not interested'- they complain.


The forest is becoming an ever-incresing nomad refugee camp and it is known for the smugglers as well as a stop. ' I was brought up until here by a smuggler because I had no more money'- says a disappointed pakistani. They say that the camp is well-known now all over the world, here everybody can take a safe refuge before trying to croos over to EU.


So far they have not cause bigger toubles for the locals. The gravedigger says that they do not cause any trouble, nobody has toubled the yet either and they clean up after themselves. The only problem that they use several thousand litres of water that us not paid for. Also they pick the fruit and vegetable from neighbouring gardens/farms.


According to the gravedigger the police had a raid for the first time on Tuesday. Later the people came back. He says: 'If they catch 50 people there will 100 in their place' He feels sorry for them and does not know what they are going to do when it is cold and they do not have money.


Two cops come half an hour later and they are trying to write a list of the names but not very seriously really. 'They escaped to Hungary then they get deported here. We deport them to Macedonia and they come back.' say a police officer. 'Where is the Red Cross?' The cops only saw just one group of the people while the forest itself

is full of them. It all looks like a homeless camp in the woods.


People eat together. An Indian says that his father is a persecuted politician, his brother was killed and he escaped. he is trying to save his life in Europe. last year he tried to get a student visa to Hungary but did not succeed. A Pakistani man talks about all the disaster in his country and the drone attaacks during which many refugees lost their relatives. A man from E-Afghanistan: the taliban tried to recruit him but he escaped. Most of the people thought came because of poverty and unemployment.


The Asians do not seem to know what to do because this is not waht they expected when they left for Europe. They want to get as far as Austria but they have no money for the smugglers who want 1000-3000 euro for a lift to Austria. They are very unhappy about not getting any help from anybody to ease th conditions. There seem to be conflicts bewteen the Arabs and Asians. All the Libyan left Tripoli half a year ago and they are all fans of Ghaddafi."

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