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10 mars 2014 1 10 /03 /mars /2014 12:33

A petition ask for closing the detention centers in Greece :


The text of the call:

" Shut down the Detention Centers for Migrants

In 21st-century Greece an operation has been set in motion whose aim is to terrorise, torture and humiliate thousands of people, while insulting us all: refugees and migrants are being held in concentration camps. These are real storehouses for humans whose only crime is that they are in the country without papers!

The Greek state, without a trace of humanity or sensitivity, sentences thousands of migrants (including minors, people who require medical assistance and victims of torture) to an 18-month imprisonment in the most deplorable conditions: no yard time, complete lack of hygiene, inadequate food and medical care, no communication with friends or family.

International human rights groups have documented scandalous conditions of detention of migrants and asylum seekers in Greece and the country has been repeatedly condemned by European courts for subjecting refugees and migrants to inhuman and degrading treatment.

The vast majority of inmates in the detention centres cannot be deported, making their imprisonment nothing but a punishment for having tried to escape war and extreme poverty.

The state’s goal is to discourage new migrants from entering Greece.

These practices are sanctioned directly by the higher echelons of the Police, as it was revealed by the recent shocking audio, in which the Chief of the National Police is clearly heard stating to his officers that “We have to make their life impossible”.

70 years after the Holocaust and the Nazi crimes, and after the UN constituted human rights so as to prevent tragedies like this from happening again, detention centres are a reality in many European countries and they seem to be justifying the name that has been given to them: concentration camps.


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